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Patient Testimonials

Ascend Wellness Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Dr. Adam Is Great!

It is clear to me Dr. Adam found his calling as a chiropractor, which is what a patient would really want for someone offering treatment, right? You want someone enthused, inquisitive, thorough, skilled, and honest-I think Dr. Adam is all of these. To me, in my opinion, I highly offer my recommendation. He is a great guy and I'm positive, from my experience, he genuinely wants to, and is capable of helping you.


Amazing practitioners!

Bree and Adam are both amazing practitioners and are shinning examples of the health and care that they provide.
Sarah W.

He helped me find relief!

Dr. Manninen was my chiropractor for years, and was awesome! He helped me find relief from my headaches and neck pain. Thanks Dr. Manninen!


I Feel Younger Than I have In Years

"Coming to Ascend Wellness: Chiropractic & Acupuncture has changed my life. I experienced a lot of life changing medical issues that were exacerbated within the traditional medical model. I was very discouraged and cynical. I have responded incredibly well to treatments and feel younger than I have in years. I know this sounds cliche, but the experience has been very helpful and real to me."